About Us

This pandemic has driven many of our families, friends and colleagues apart with lockdowns, working from home and safe distancing.  Our team started PassiondeLavie with the drive to keep everyone continue looking presentable & glamorous on video conference while working from home or even catching up video calls with the rest of our families and friends.

With lockdowns, getting daily needs do pose some challenges for some of us at times. Not only our usual shopping outlets are close or need to wait outside as the shops already hit the max number of shoppers, many of us might also encounter situations whereby your online orders were either over-priced, delayed or simply lost somewhere.  Yes, we understand your frustration and disappointment you are facing.  Hence, we PassiondeLavie team, utilizes our knowledge about natural ingredients and sourcing experience to develop a list of products that we believe will give you good value and reasonable delivery time.

Your well being and satisfaction have kept us going in testing each of our listed products personally and classify into our range to target your needs - Basic, Essential and Premium.  We also link up with local businesses and warehouses so to support local enterprises and with shorter delivery time, our customers can enjoy our products benefits earlier.  That's not all, our products are eco-friendly and cruelty-free and that really makes our Mother Earth lives longer and happier!  We will continue to contribute a portion of our sales proceeds to help the community during this difficult time.

Our passion is to enhance everyone's beauty in a more healthier way!  Feel free to drop us a note or contact us anytime at customer-care@passiondelavie.com. We are more than happy to be a service to you!